Mermaids Bouquet Pearl Necklace image shows 6mm and 8mm pink Venetian glass beads with silver foil

Mermaids Bouquet Pearl Necklace


Imagine a mermaid, slowly swimming, looking for treasures on the ocean floor. Something catches her eye so she swims closer. She finds nature’s garden full of flower petal pearls and colored sea glass.
This necklace could be worn to a wedding, out to dinner or a get together with friends.


Product Description

The Mermaids Bouquet Pearl Necklace was created to reflect the oceans beauty. The artisan made 1.3cm focal bead reminds me of the many bits of sea glass I have collected on the beach. The iridescent blue tear drop beads reflect the ocean. I love the 6mm and 8mm pink Venetian glass beads with silver foil glowing like pirate booty. The rainbow hue of the4mm Czech glass spacer beads flow through the necklace mingling with gold seed beads ending with a Bali gold s hook and ring. This piece is 42.5cm (16 inches) from the S Hook to the Ring.

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Additional Information

Weight 0.250 lbs
Dimensions 3.1250 x 2.250 x 1.175 in


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