Coins In A Fountain Pearl Necklace image features Keshi copper petal pearls

Coins In A Fountain Pearl Necklace


This beaded necklace was created for hopes and dreams not yet come true. A woman closes her eyes, wishing for her hearts desire, then tosses a copper coin in to the fountain. You could wear this necklace to a wedding, a graduation or just for dancing the night away.


Product Description

This Coins In A Fountain Pearl Necklace is timeless.  The Keshi copper petal pearls are like gleaming pennies just made. Blue luster 13  x 11 mm tear drop beads as blue as the moving, splashing water as it swirls around inside the fountain. I imagine the 11 mm artisan made focal bead as a coin, ancient and long forgotten but priceless in it’s worth. The golden 4 mm Czech glass beads mingled with the copper peanut beads meander their way down from the gold filled s hook to the ring. This necklace measures 51.2cm (18 1/2 inches)

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Additional Information

Weight 0.250 lbs
Dimensions 3.1250 x 2.250 x 1.175 in


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