Brown Banded Jasper Meanings

Brown Banded Jasper Meanings

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Brown Banded Jasper has a quiet power that grounds and centers energy. Make use of this stone when a calming influence is needed to bring stability and balance.

Color: Various shades of Brown layers

Astrological Link: Scorpio

Chakra: 1st Root

Element: Air, Earth

Planet: Earth, Saturn

Brown Banded Jasper Meanings and Properties

  • Quiet power that grounds and centers energy
  • Enhances determination and performance
  • Brings a sense of security
  • Encourages wealth and prosperity
  • Supports during times of stress
  • Eases recuperation from illness
  • Quiets the mind for meditation
  • Facilitates a deep connection for earth healing
  • Eliminates nightmares or harmful thoughts
  • Promotes ecological awareness
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