Amazonite Meanings

Amazonite Meanings

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Amazonite is considered an inspiration stone that increases will power and communication skills. Helps you to speak up for yourself and be mindful of what other have to say.

Amazonite is a mineral.

Color: Aqua / blue-green with white streaks

Astrological Link: Gemini, Virgo

Chakra: 4th Heart and 5th Throat

Element: Air

Planet: Mercury

Amazonite Meanings and Properties:

  • Facilitates honest and truthful communication
  • Increases will power
  • Assists with determining destiny
  • Filters, soothes and calms brain function
  • Balances male and female energies for better communication
  • Aids with deep internal reflection
  • Improves ability to speak or sing
  • Powerful talisman of healing and prosperity


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